Палуба Арена 6

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Deck Arena 6

migliori deck arena 6 clash royale

With the arena 6 we unlock 3 new legendary, the trunk, the Spark and the Miner.

migliori deck arena 6 clash royale


  • Tamer of wild boars
  • Sorcerer ice
  • Fireball
  • Miner
  • Download
  • Barbarians
  • Minions
  • Freezing            COST ELIXIR 3.5

This Deck Arena 6 is based mainly on the combination Miner – Tamer of wild boars. The strategy to use is to be able to position the miner on the enemy tower and immediately after use the tamer of wild boars, this because in doing so the tower will target the miner leaving the Tamer to inflict great damage; the adversary surely will defend itself by Tamer but we can use Freezing when deploys troops to defend themselves earning him time to Tamer inflicting more damage. Another possible strategy is to position the miner on the enemy tower and then send back to the barbarians of Tamer of wild boars, in this way will protect the latter from attacks. The Fireball together at the Ice Witch and Sgherri we use to defend ourselves against attack.

Possible combinations:

Tamer of wild boars + Miner

Tamer of wild boar + Miner + Freezing

Tamer of wild boar + Miner + Fireball

Tamer of wild boar + Miner  + Sgherri

Tamer of wild boar + Miner +  Barbarians


  • Miner
  • Barile Goblin
  • Horde of Skeletons
  • Horde of Minions
  • Furnace
  • Trunk
  • Torre hell
  • Fireball              COST ELIXIR 3.6

This guys is a lot Deck Arena 6 “bastard” as I call it ahahahah but aside from the jokes is a strictly offensive deck that does not want to get so close but only ranged attacks. So we have to focus on the combination Miner – Barrel goblins. You start by placing the center of the arena Furnace and attack simultaneously with the Miner and Barrel goblins. The horde of skeletons together to Hell Tower we use them against opponents tank, the trunk and the Fireball against the hordes and the horde of Minions we can use it both offensively (simultaneously with the Miner and Barrel goblin) and defensive.

Possible combinations:

Furnace + Miner + Barrel  goblins

Furnace + Miner + Barrel goblin +  Horde of Minions

Miner + Barrel Goblin

Miner + Barrel Goblin + Horde of Minions


  • Golem
  • Minions
  • Tombstone
  • Drake
  • Archery
  • Lightning
  • Trunk
  • Download          COST ELIXIR 3.9

This is a Deck Arena 6 which in our opinion is very good if used well * *. So we have the Golem, the new epic card unlockable in this arena, which is a strong tank but like all tank are well supported to be competitive. The plaque must not miss the center of the arena because it acts as a distraction for a possible attack, but let’s see how to use it: we place the Golem under the Tower and look advancing to recharge the elixir and position behind him Archers and Drake soon as possible, arrived here we should be good at managing it as well as possible so that the Golem arrivals to the enemy tower using well the Lightning, the Trunk or Download why should we try to get to the tower or at least make him suffer any damage while a support unit made a clean sweep of the enemy troops and then go up the tower.

Possible combinations:

Golem + Drake + Archers + Lightning

Golem + Dragon + Lightning + Sgherri


  • Spark
  • Giant
  • Musketeer / Fire Mage
  • Fireball
  • Download
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Minions
  • Sorcerer Ice / Goblin Lancers        COST ELIXIR 3.9 / 3.9

In this Deck Arena 6 we see in action one of three new LEGENDARY unlockable in this arena, the Spark. The Spark we can say that is a base paper and in our case goes to support the Giant; So we begin to place the Giant behind the tower as soon as possible and the Spark behind him along with the Fire Sorcerer to protect us from possible airborne troops. However we can use instead of the Wizard of fire the ice Sorcerer Sgherri but also because even the Spark needs support.

Possible combinations:

Giant + Spark + Witch Fire

Giant + Spark + Ice Witch

Giant + Spark + Sgherri

PLEASE NOTE: the Giant could be replaced by other tanks but nevertheless it would be advisable the Giant.


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